The Future of Hospitals in Amsterdam in 2020

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MBA09 team:
Peter Hoppesteyn
Roel Kock
Piotr Ptasinski
Miranda Tjiang
Marjoleine van der Zwan

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Will we all have access to hospital care in Amsterdam in 2020, or do we have to travel to Utrecht or Brussels for specific care?

We are all living longer and have higher demands for quality. Technology and ICT are devoloping in high speed. How to finance that? Will the Netherlands be a province of the European Union by than? And are the negotiators from the health insurance cmpanies taken over by European ones or even Azian or American? Who knows. All scenarios were more or less possible, when we started this 8 weeks parttime project.

In order to investigate the different possibilities we researched literature, had interviews with 3 professionals (CEO, Planning & Control, Construction) and our professor Erasmus.

These sources of information form the basis under the scenarios:

1. The new process
2. Abandoning collective base insurance
3. Lifestyle "the health community system"
4. Solidarity within families, shift from individualism to collectivism in Amsterdam

Research Questions

Starting point for the research questions:

Ziekenhuizen 2020.jpeg

Research Questions

1. What is the hospital capacity in Amsterdam and The Netherlands?
2. Which differentiations are there at the moment?
3. Which stakeholders are known in health care?
4. What is the demand?
5. What are the trends?
6. How is the health care financed?


<Graag aanvullen>

These research questions led to the development of the driving forces. These driving forces can be found under the link Driving forces.

1. Which developments were the most impressive to you over the last 15 years?
2. Which developments will have the most impact on your hospital over the next 10 years?
3. Which developments do you see in Amsterdam?

a.	Which of these developments have a potential impact on hospitals? 
b. Which developments outside The Netherlands have a potential impact on hospitals?
c. Which developments deserve more attention and/of investigation? Why?

4. What are the biggest changes for your hospital in the short time (up till 2 years)?
5. What are the biggest opportunities and threats for your hospital between now and 5 years?

For example: 
a. How will prevention and home health care change demand and how is the hospital going to prepare for these changes?
b. How is aging affecting the hospital care? When is it the highest impact expected in Amsterdam and in The Netherlands?
c. Regarding transplantations: what is the need? What is the impact on your hospital?

6. A trend in society is “custom made”; how is your hospital adapting to that trend?
7. What are the major technological developments and which of them will have the biggest impact on health care in the coming years?
8. For which trends is the hospital preparing?
9. What do you think hospital care looks like in 2020?
10. What needs to be changed in 2020?
11. Will there be the same players?
12. What shifts do you expect the coming years?
13. Will there be a shift in focus?
14. Is there enough hospital capacity in 2020? If not, how big is the over- or under capacity?
15. Do you expect other demands or changes in health care due to the multiplicity of cultures in Amsterdam in 2020?
16. What differences in health care do you expect in Amsterdam compared to the rest of the Netherlands?

Driving forces

Innovation in health care
Accessibility of hospitals in Amsterdam
Aging population
Low cost of internet connections
Continuously growing demand for new medical applications
Consumer health informatics in the information age
Emergence of new Technology Related Diseases
Increasing empowerment of consumers
Increasing Neglect of the Elderly
Number of people in Amsterdam
Number of visitors in Amsterdam
Financing and costs of the Dutch health care system
The power of insurance companies in health care
Increase Labor productivity in health care

Summary of Interviews

In order to support the development of the scenarios, the team has visited one of the main hospitals in Amsterdam. The following persons have been intervied during this visit:

Interview with the chairman of the board of management
Interview with the financial controller
Interview with the responsible manager for housing and buildings

System Diagrams

Systems Diagram: first version

Systems Diagram: final version


I like the coaching session, and think you have a good command of the topic. The key challenge is now going to take the stories we talked about (and others) and put them together in NEW and interesting ways. Look at which stories you think fit well together and build the scenarios from that.
Good Luck - D

1. Transsensual
2. Unsolidairity?
3. The health community system
4. All together now