Interview with the chairman of the board of management

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Main trends in health care in the next 10 years

- Technological: unknown which developments will exactly happen, but it is (almost) sure that there will be unexpected new technological developments. Technology replacing humans will lower costs.

- Social: more participation of women; work/life balance of personnel will be more important (previously almost continuous (24 hrs) care). This could have an impact on finance and quality.

- Other:
o Prevention will be important
o Health care will move from the hospital to home, therefore possibly less hospitals
o Continuous pressure on housing an the need to earn money on the investment.

Main uncertainty: will solidarity be guaranteed (to which extent, how long) - If solidarity will be low: prices of health care guaranteed by the government will go down, but there will be more private health care providers. Also there will be consolidation of hospitals - If solidarity will be high: rising costs, and in the end the society might be unable to pay for it.

Summary: main issues are financial means of hospitals, solidarity and technological developments.