Continuously growing demand for new medical applications

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The achievments in research and development in the biotech and medical industry give hope to potentially cure some very serious diseases, were traditional medicine has failed up till now. Global diseases are increasingly presented in media, and at the same time the aging population requires more medical treatment. All these factors contribute to an increasing demand for new medical applications.


  • New diseases that require medication
  • Globalization of diseases (link to driving force Illnesses of global importance/Pandemics )
  • Successful development of new medical applications
  • Aging population with increasing needs for medication (link to driving force Aging population)
  • Evolution of the pathogen
  • Successfull marketing and advertising to create demands for medication


  • Increased healthcare costs (public and private)
  • Lack of funding for health care systems
  • Increasing health of population


Increasing life expectancy goes hand in hand with increasing demand for medical applications
An important question is "What is the value of human life?" Which efforts and costs are spent to prolong the life of individual people in the different regions of the world?



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