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Description: Religion plays an important role in future's internet. Some religion, as far as we know, is powerful and intended to spread its belief,where internet could be a useful tool. Some religion, however, is weak and thus the internet will bring more value of other religions than spreading its belief. Thus those religion will block the internt. The implication is that almost everything stands by the more powerful side and the development of internet is irreversible.

Enablers (Factors which strengthen this driving force):

1. Language.  Currently the language of the powerful religion is English, which is the world language.  
2. Economy.  Currently the countries which adopt the powerful religion is more wealthy.
3. Culture.  Currently the culture of powerful religion is surpassing that of weak religion.


1. Disturbance.  No weak religion is intended to be weak forever.  To achieve this, especially surrounded by powerful religions,  it will choose political or military disturbance as a necessary means.

Paradigms: Internet will become a battlefield of religions, explicitely and implicitly. Realizing the development of internet is irreversible the weak religion will either bomb the internet or fight in internet, where the latter is more likely to happen.


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