Innovation in health care

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Innovation in health care


According to the CBP (Centraal Plan Bureau) the demand for health care in The Netherlands will increase with 40% between 2000 and 2015. To be able to supply the required healthcare improved efficiencies and tailor-made health care at home are required. Technological innovations in health care equipment and ICT innovations are essential to improve the efficiencies and treatment at home. New developments are telecare, telemedicine, e-health and domotica. The objectives of innovation in health care are:

  • increased efficiency
  • reduced costs
  • increased quality and tailor-made health care.


  • Aging population
  • Technological innovations
  • Developments in ICT
  • Open markets in health care


  • Too much focus on technology, to little focus on patient. (It works, but does is help the patient?)
  • A critical mass needs to adopt an innovation
  • Lack of time, communication and financial resources


Due to the aging population in The Netherlands the demand for health care will increase. Technological innovations and innovations in ICT can make health care more efficient, cheaper, more patient-friendly and better tailor-made. The open markets in health care make effective implementations of innovations in health care possible.


  • Engineers
  • ICT specialists
  • Technological experts
  • Managers in health care
  • Health insurance experts
  • Patient representatives


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