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Here we are posting sites that we believe gives us an indication of the future of the Internet

Google An example of simpler web sites

Requiem For A Dream Best Movie Experience Website Ever! (Try it - if you think the website is going crazy - you are doing the right thing!)

Absolut An example of websites guiding viewers

Future of the Internet A storytelling approach from Ute

http://www.motiongraphx.com/ Thank you for your technical help, Fred!

In January of each year, the Horizon Interactive Awards receives hundreds of entries from all over the world. A panel of industry professionals, from diverse multi-media, graphic design and marketing backgrounds, review the entries to determine the work that is to be recognized. Entries are given either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award distinction. All Gold winners can be eligible for the Best of Category. Here is the example of Motiongraphx website that has received the award of Best of Category. This winning entry has demonstrated excellence in creative concept, artistic excellence, and technical execution.

Compared to what you will be able to see on the website of Motiongraphx you will notice that my comments attached below are a bit different. Actually, the website of Motiongraphx helped me to imagine what the internet and its websites may look like in the future. Thanks to our class of storytelling I have been able to explain my thoughts from a story. Here it is...

Jean and motiongraphx.com


Lineage, the online game A giant online role playing game, participants will fight, form the groups named clan, communicate with chat system and so on. - Ken

Semantic Web---Hear the Online Future

Future Sites of ?-Tom Wang

A 3-D Virtual Site

The internet experience: see, hear, touch, smell and taste - Fred

The end of human interaction as we know it? - Lars

Skype Internet Telephony - Daan

Betfair, the future of exchanges - Luis

The internet experience 2: see, hear, touch, smell and taste - Katsuya

[[ http://www.sergiomanoel.com.br]] - Ricardo Godinho

I believe the website of profesional athlets will be the first to change the Internet mostly because people all over the world already spend hours in websites poorly desigend.

[[ http://www.amazon.com ]] - Carmel Roche

Web sites designed for commercial transaction purposes will change in the future. They need to be made more attractive and easier to navigate.

Lemony Snicket - Spencer

Cool promotion for a (not yet released) movie, really gets users into the experience of the film

Books24x7 - Spencer

Great site for reading books online, definitely the future of research... why go to the library or bookstore for a book that is only needed for a few months for a course or research project? Why not just read it online and print (or cut and paste) the pieces that are needed.

Metromix Web sites organized about the way we actually live

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Websites in the future will not be as we know them today since the concept of the Internet itself will change towards the concept of ubiquitous computing and existential media will be absorbed into the eudaemonic space of the user. - Kelly

Sites of the future: determined by the computer-to-man (C2M) interface - Daniel Perez Whitaker

Sites of the future: Household Central Computer - Lucia

Just for the (online) record: Comparison between Van Gogh and Van Gogh/Gauguin websites - Daniel Perez Whitaker

[1] Internet Story Creation - Katsushi Yaginuma

The Doctor is in? Marianela M. Smith

Sites of the future: an esay walk Joan Carles Rubio

Creating Ghettos Ricardo Terukina

[[2]] Entertainment, relax (Miguel Yanes)

[[3]] Business Magazine online (Miguel Yanes)

[[4]] IT info and inventions (Miguel Yanes)

[[5]] Prices comparison (Miguel Yanes)

[[6]] Travel in Mexico -for very rich people- (Miguel Yanes)

[[7]] Sport, shopping, and entertainment (Miguel Yanes)

[[8]] Music, links between artists (Miguel Yanes)

[[9]] Financial info and news (Miguel Yanes)

[[ http://www.amazon.com ]] - Carmel Roche

Web sites designed for commercial transaction purposes will change in the future. They need to be made more attractive and easier to navigate.