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This is not a "normal" movie website. It is promotional in nature, but if you haven't seen the movie you won't get much of it. The website was in fact so intriguing that at the time there were several websites that described how to navigate your way from beginning to end. The experience is in the end very rewarding, but unlike the Van Gogh - Gauguin Experience - it is less "educational", and more "emotional" or "impressionist", without intending to be ironic...

Try clicking and going with it - the pages are full of hints and "Easter eggs", secrets and special clicks. It ties in very well with the chaotic experience of the movie and makes a brilliant use of the web technology in an overt and covert ways. It will flicker like as if the web page you are looking at has errors in code (it doesn't), and will use web technologies that would make the pages look "commercial" pages, very generic but they are in fact just an image, a representation of the type of web pages you can find all over the web (like "click here to win a prize"). As the movie has harsh critique of consumer culture and offers an understanding of what drives people into addiction (drugs, diets, TV watching, etc.) it uses the web, which is so often seen as a commercial vehicle, to make comments on our culture.

In that, the MOVIE, which deals a lot with the effects of TV, is using the next medium, the WEB, to transfer these comments. In this respect it's a very "McLuhen" message. It calls for us to open our eyes to the numbness we all feel towards mass media that drives us to do things that are not really for our benefit. It depicts TV as the main current source of this effect, but at the same time - conscious viewers of the film and the website can realize that paradoxically - we are looking at a promotional site, that tells us things about our world that in order to know them we need to consume them just as we consume the "clutter". It's a paradox that every culture-subversive product must deal with. You can criticize consumer culture, but you must do that via vehicles that can be consumed themselves and are in the end made for profit as well.

Go rent the DVD - it's a brilliant movie, although somewhat depressing. And in any case, go to the website and try to find your way out in the chaos there. It is all intentional, and as long as the sound seems to change in volume - you are OK, it's not a broken record.