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Mobile Phone will be convergence (Network Evolution) Mobile convergence include communication,broadcast and computing Satellite DMB is a new concept in multimedia mobile broadcasting service Satellite DMB converges telecommunications and broadcasting.

Mobile Network evolution will be continue from 1G to 3,4Generation. High speed network will become Available,which will be capable of carrying high quality video image,music to users Variety of contents : video, pictures, voice, data Convergent multimedia services through new network

(Multimedia product) Components are develop for mobile phone(Camera,Display,game chip,mp3 chip, external memory) Convergence product support various entertainment.

: Multimedia messaging, voice recognition, music, moving picture, broadcasting,bank,navigation   

(SVC Carrier) In order to increase ARUP(Average revenue unit price), service provider develop new service Manufacture will launch new convergence multimedia product for the future product Mobile and personal broadcasting service with wireless telephony capability differentiates DMB from traditional fixed broadcasting service