Social Impact of Home Entertainment

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The Internet in 2015

Impact of Home Entertainment:

The home environment and the home entertainment environment will be transformed! Home entertainment encapsulates our personal entertainment as well as the media. This includes audio, video, DVD, gaming, print, and voice. The Internet will replace the TV in the home, as it will be the central focus. It will stream all modes of information in and out of the house. There will be more networked devices in and around the household such as a networked refrigerator or being able to remote control the lighting system, and these will be linked to the household computer. This computer will coordinate and control the information streams and will become the focal point within the family room replacing the TV.

The societal implications of the TV being replaced by the home computer are as follows. Obesity will increase, as people will be staying at home as there is no desire to go out to socialise, and traditional brick and mortar stores such as cinemas and music stores will start to close down. The Western developed world will have increasing difficulty with healthcare bills and it will plunge the Western world into a depression due to the healthcare costs spiralling out of control, which is further compounded by the aging population problem.

Africa will emerge as a new trading block. Its world debt was forgiven in 2010 and it doesn’t have any problems with obesity, and consequently doesn’t have the healthcare problems and associated costs.