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What’s the course about: looking at the world from a different paradigm, taking a look from the other side of the looking glass

The reader: divided into two parts 1) Need to know 2) Nice to know

McLuhan is tough reading

Scenarios o Creating a language o Forces technology people to talk about the implications of technology rather than just the technology itself

Group Project - The Future of the Internet in 2015

PESTE = Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Environmental

The Future of the Internet The Future of Healthcare The Future of Consulting The Future of the World

Brainstorming on topics for class project

The Future of… Grid computing, On demand, International mobility, Customer service, Space travel & exploration, Globalization, Terrorism, Three party politics/ bi-partisan politics, Integration of all media, Cloning, Stem cell research, Nanotechnology, Artificial intelligence, Human lifespan, Future of executive mba programs, Future of religions, Distance working, Language, Religion

Internet - social space of the Internet

1971 – Pierre Wack, looked like Yoda. Introduced Scenario Thinking to the world. Michelin and Shell. Used I Ching Chinese system of 64 different possibilities for predicting future. Thinking about how to respond to possible scenarios, not just to consider whether something is going to happen.

Cultivate a network of 1,000 heretics.

Keys to creating scenarios: 1) logical analysis 2) research 3) new voices 4) inductive reasoning

A detailed process design for the class project will be forthcoming.

Scenario thinking = question “The Official Future”