Seoul's becoming of mega city - Group 1

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1. Description

Although Korea is relatively small country in terms of land size, its capital, Seoul, is one of the biggest and greatest mega cities in the world. A convenient transportation system, such as subway or public bus, all kinds of public institutions and global corporation are just a few image of Seoul as a core city. In fact, compared to the rest region of South Korea, this somewhat abnormally huge and advanced characteristic of Seoul brings out many consequences whether it’s good or bad, such as seoul vs. suburb conflict or move or capital, and high real estate price…etc.

2. Enablers

- existing conveniences of living in Seoul ( access to cultural, economical, educational resources)

- importance of Seoul as a key spot of global economic activities

- exsiting infrastructure which is high technological and advanced.

- brilliant brains due to the prominent universities and institutions located in Seoul

3. Inhibitors

- growing public discontent in the other parts of South Korea and congressmen from those areas

- social and environmental problem raised in Seoul (lack of housing, densed population, environment contamination…etc)

- side effects of imbalanced land development

4. Paradigms

Roh’s administration revealed the idea of relocating many significant governmental institutions to Chungchung area, but Seoul will be remained as a Capital, a central part of South Korea and its huge influence will be last. However, development of the rest regions will be accelerated to some extent to close the gap between Seoul and them. and more convenient and fast transportation necessary to link Seoul and other parts of the country will be developed in the near future.

5. Experts


6. Timing

Seoul has been a capital for more since Chosun dynasty in history.

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