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Interviews with experts can be a powerful part of determining the driving forces that lay beneath the uncertainties we want to explore. Experts can give us insights into processes from different angels and supply us with fresh ideas that we would never think of ourselves. This way broadening our view on possible futures significantly.

Sharing interviews on many subjects can broaden our insight into developments all over the world, this way giving us a solid base for scenario processes. So by no means is the subject of the interviews restricted to scenario thinking, although interviews on this subject are more than welcome.

Future of Cities A video (309 MB .mov file) interview with Joel Garreau, Principal of the Edge City Group. An interview on the future of cities.

What’s Next for Consulting A written interview with Fiona Czerniawska on the future of consulting (.pdf).

The Future of Wireless is an ongoing interview series that examines how wireless is impacting businesses and individuals and the ways they connect, interact, find and share data, improve productivity, and more.

New Urbanism Interview with Leon Krier by Nikos Salingaros: Interview on the future of cities.

The Future of Music Audio interview with Gerd Leonhard and [David Kusek on their book 'The future of music', describing the future of music considering the new technologies in music distribution.