Increasing efforts to make Seoul a clean and green place to live

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Increasing efforts to make Seoul cleaner and greener place to live


The topography and geographical proximity of Seoul worsens the city’s pollution problem. Because Seoul is surrounded by high mountains, the air circulation throughout the city is poor. The burgeoning population of the metropolitan area, combined with the air pollution blowing in from rapidly industrializing China to the west, have exacerbated the pollution conditions of Seoul.

However, the city of Seoul has not stood idly by. Despite the unfavorable conditions, it is taking on number of measures in order to , and these actions have proven effective.


o City’s plans to improve air quality: 1) Strengthening Environmental Standards for Air Quality Preservation, 2) Increase in the Operation of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), 3) Operation of an Ozone Alert System
o Preservation of clean water by 1) Improvement of the Water Quality of Water Supply Sources, 2) Improvement of the Water Quality of the Hangang River Tributaries .
o The Five-Year Park Expansion Plan to expand parks in residential areas. Eco-parks, natural parks, and sports parks will be created, and landowners will be fairly compensated for all lands obtained for the parks. Small neighborhood parks, such as small-sized theme parks and gardens for local communities, will be created on lands, which are presently idle.


o NO and ozone are worsening due to the rapid increase in the number of automobiles (from 450,000 units in 1985 to 2.55 million units in 2001). Automobile emissions are responsible for 85% of all air pollution. .
o Inefficient funds and time to take care of growing amount of waste & decreasing supply of clean water due to increasing population .


Seoul Metropolitan Government is actively implementing actions covering air pollution, water supply, waste management in order to make the city greener with public and private organizations. With the municipality purchases, landscapes, and manages parks and green zones aiming to pass them on to descendants and make Seoul healthy place to live for long time to come.


Ministry of Environment (, Environmental Management Corporation (


Restoration of Inner City Greenbelt Area (Dec, 2006)
Replacement of All Aged Underground Water pipes (Dec, 2006)
Achieve 50 ppm Air Quality (US Standard)(Dec, 2006년)

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