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Now, people are more and more worried about the running out of natural resources especially oil. And because of the problems like global warming and worldwide lack of water, protecting the resources like water and trees is also important. Because paper industry has a huge requirement for woods, people are now concerning some reforms in this industry in order to protect the forest. Moreover these reforms would also affect the publishing, entertainment and news industry. One solution is the E-paper solution using Internet to transfer the electronic version books and magazines.


- The development of technology both in software and hardware.
- The global warming issue.
- People realize the importance of protecting the forest.
- The high possession of PC and PDA.
- People now needs the latest information in this fast changing world.


- Not as convenient as paper work newspapers and magazines.
- The copyright issues.
- There is no best solution.
- Heavily relying on computers causes issues like security, influences on human health and etc.


Imagine accessing all latest information as you want, downloading whatever documents your want and reading them on your PDA or PC, E-paper solution provide us a method to get access more resources in a more convenient way. And this technology is developed mainly with the development of the Internet.It also avoids the huge damage to the forest based on the tradional paper based documents and newspapers. So this may help us slower the global warming trend and soil erosion.But this may also raise an issue of the impact to human health and enviornment from the radiation of the electronic reading devices. This will lead more alliance between the software company and the entertainment company, publisher, writers and journalists in the future.


- Adobe
- CPSG providing solution for online newspaper



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