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To protect your privacy, you should try to share as little of your personal data as possible, including your real name and your email address. A: If you’re able to visit and secure an apartment without coming into unnecessary direct contact with others-if it’s financially possible, if management is willing to do a semidistant key handoff and/or remote tour of the place, if you’re able to move your own stuff without needing to hire movers or ask multiple friends to be in an enclosed space at the same time-then that’s great, and you should certainly go for it. That’s not the same thing as withholding important information, deceit, or even fantasizing (which you would still be entitled to do, if you wanted). She said that it’s "disgusting" that I’d have sexual relations with someone before marriage and that she can’t tolerate wondering if that’s happening in her house. I’d be moving with my boyfriend to an apartment where we’d of course continue to socially distance from others. Baudelaire only published one book of poems--and changed the course of French literary history forever

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