Whereabout the 4G mobile technology?

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The possible future of 4G techonolgy. ITU will disclose the future standard of 4G technology till 2010.


- The development of radio communication technology (devise and communicator) for enabling mobile broadband connection up to

10 Mega bps

- The development of communication technology for seamless service among mobile, WiFi, fixed connection and PHS.

- United standards for the 4G technogoly

- Development of contents which needs 10M bps connection

- Merger and Acquisition with fixed communicator, ISPs and WiFi providers


- New entrants : Given the seamless service, chances are fixed connectors (ISP) and WIFI providers. The providers can

relatively easily enter the market through using the conventional communicator for land line, existing WiFi bases and so on.

- Consumer: Difficult to change their perception from mere "mobile phone" to the seamless service. What is the advantage for

consumer to buy these products? Can normal consumer understand the advantage of seamless services?

- Industry rivary: The competition will be intense for the vertical or horizontal integration among the ISPs, mobiles, fixed

lines and WiFis. Need for scale of economy to lead the industry standard, cost leadership, infulence to the government and

regulatories and absorbtion of the contents provider.