When A Child Runs Away

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Once upon a time, in an enchanted land of bucolic green mountails, there was a blended household consisting of three children and two parents. But for how much fathers, the surprise - it is the room of children empties, the telephone which does not answer any more, the letter on the table which says good-bye forever, the mother who does not return from voyage, which leaves where it does not know. Two of the children belonged to the father and one belonged to the mother from previous marriages. It obstinately refuses to see her father. I would like to see my daughters more often but they have a good life of their own and I am not the most attentive father to them. At the point meets, after three years, a welfare officer declares that the father is dangerous and asks to suspend the visits. By tearing off it with half of its family, by breaking the image of his/her father by wretched charges, it is the childhood of his/her own child whom the mother mutilated. His/her mother-in-law is a true witch and it is it which must be behind all that

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