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Development of 3G technology. The 3G technology for mobile telephone unable people to use broadband internet services with mobile phone. The penetration rate is relatively low so far, but it can be the big bang for the use of internet.


- development of new technology: 3G technology for both the mobile phone and the distribution system developed so that consumer can enjoy the ubiquitous connection

- Aggressive marketing: The huge advertising campaign such as promoting the benefit of mobile TV, quick up / download of business materials, and the broadband connection in the environment of fast moving vehicles.

-United standards worldwide: ITU decided to standardize the W-CDMA as the global standards for 3G communication. Japan, EU, and US are now in the W-CDMA for the 3G communication.


- Cannibalization with 2G: Switching cost is high because additional CAPEX necessary for the mobile career (eg. investment in the communicator, R&D in the 3G phone, marketing expense for promoting the advantage of the 3G technology)

- Consumer: Difficult to appeal the value of the 3G for consumer. For example, whether people really need to watch TV with paying high communication fee?

- Competition with the other technology such as Wifi / Fixed connections : whether consumer really want to use broadband connection with ubiquitous situation?


- The utilization of mobile communication is drastically widen through broadband connection (up to 2M)

- The competition between the wireless connection and the mobile technology will become intense because the service bandwidth overlaps through connection of mobile to PC and the other devices.

- The ubiquitous society will be actualized through the broadband mobile technology, resulting the business manner / communication manner will be changed. (For example, the TV conference in the high speed train leads drastic speed up of the speed of business)

- The mobile communication cost will decrease through the economy of scale through sharp increase in demand of the mobile communication.


-Interview with representative of NTT Docomo at Rotterdam


1985 ITU-R started the discussion of the standard of 3G 1998 Dec. 3GPP( 3rd Generation Partnership Project) formulated to unite the multiple communication protocol into single commercial standard Partnership Project) 1999 Dec. 3GPP determined the specification of 3G named release 99 2000 May ITU-R determined the 3G standard as IMT-2000( International Mobile Telecommunications-2000)


-Shuuji Urabe/ Yoshisuke Hasegawa/ Masao Miyazaki, "Mobile Communication System Evolution in Digital Mobile Radio", Sharp engineering report, Sharp corporation, December 2001 -Interview with representative of NTT Docomo at RSM