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The future of PDP TV in 2010


The plasma display panel was invented 40 years ago in 1964 at the University of Illinois by Prof.Donald L.Bitzer,Prof.H.Gene slottow and graduate student Robert Wilson.
Displays are exciting because they pleasantly stimulate our visual sensation.
And,PDP has principles that are used to make today's beautiful PDP products.
And, these PDP products will be in general trend in the near future.


- Increasing growth of world economy
- Decreasing price of PDP TV
- Increasing productivity of PDP TV
- Increasing demand for TV with large size and home theater
- The increase of aging population


- Growth of Flat-technology, XGA-technology and high-tech
- Superior to LCD TV:PDP TV will have to win the race with LCD TV.
- buyers' demand for a drop of price


TV which has large size and high technology will be in general trend by the improvement of life quality.




1964-The First 1 pixel AC Plasma Display Panel
1967-Three cell prototype was developed
1990-31 inch gray scale
1999-HDTV 60 inch Prototype
PDP TV will be more popular and be with high-tech in near future respecting its speed of growth.

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