The sun rises over Shanghai

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Li Zhikai woke up and looked out his window to see the sun rising over the skyline of Shanghai. The fiery sight was lovely, and Zhikai loved to see it every morning.

After hopping in the shower, Zhikai went about planning his day. He started by logging into his computer. Zhikai worked in a virtual office space for a large American multinational. He saw in his email that he would have a video conference call with Craig, Ping, Joe and Javier later in the morning. Other than that, it looked like a fairly normal day.

Zhikai decided to start downloading some television programmes before he got down to work. He logged onto Kazaa and started downloading one of the latest TV shows. He had missed it the other night but luckily someone had put it up on the peer to peer networks and it was making the rounds. It would be a while in downloading, which was fine as he wasn't planning on watching it until tonight.

After his conference call, Zhikai called up a couple of friends and agreed to meet for a bit of dim sum at a new Cantonese place across town. He would take his laptop with him. He had a 3G wireless card which allowed him to continue working, even while in the restaurant. He had considered buying a WiMax card, but it was still just too expensive. Maybe later. Plus, his friend Ping had just bought one of those new Internet connected watches, and it was so cool he wanted to buy one of those first.

Zhikai closed the laptop and headed for the restaurant. Dim Sum sounded pretty good right about now.

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