The Internet, everywhere

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Today we see the Internet over phone lines and cable TV. We will see high speed Internet over electric power lines, optical cables, and wireless network pretty soon. We can not say which of these will be dominant, but that there will be choice. Choice will lead to competition, leading to extremely low price. In the near future, high speed Internet will be almost free. In five years, enough people will have extremely fast Internet connection, so videophone will be very common for you to interact with employees, with customers, and with colleagues. This capability will also take education to a new level where distance education will be more common and effective.

In addition to the Internet infrastructure, computer chips will be extremely small and cheap, and then will be connected to the Internet and networked together. So, the Internet will be embedded in anything, not just in electronic devices but your clothes and shoes. In ten years, computer chip to access the Internet will cost less than nails, and then all cloth will come with computer chips. The cloth will communicate with the manufacturing equipments in the manufacturing processes and even with manufacturers in remotely from the market. Furthermore, bio computer chip will be technologically possible to be built in our bodies. The Internet will be connected to our skin, ears, eyes, and directly even to our brain. So, we will be able to communicate with everything and everybody, making people cyborgs.

Drivers: Technology(wireless, RFID, bio computer), Technology standards, Cost of the Internet connection, Cost of computer chip, Ethical sense.