State consciousness of mind?

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What we understand McLuhan is that the different media is an extension of our senses, in that way increasing its effectiveness in order to transmit information: our society was constantly changing and passed from oral to literal media, and the last transition occurred from electric to electronic media. This process not only improved our capacity of getting information, but also our capacity of reception, the information is capable to flight so fast right before our eyes, that sometimes we do not see it and we just we do not want to see it, we still have the decision in our hands.

Regarding Electronic media, the question is which the next step is? Nowadays media can extend our possibilities in vision, hearing and speaking, and probably in the near future (2014?…but, it is occurring now!) we will see (through improved technology) the convergence of them.

Here McLuhan’s law of media comes to discussion:

Definitely Internet is enhancing our senses, our capacity of getting information, “be” in different places at the same time, and basically our capacity for expression; but are the sensations and emotions generated at high levels?, Is it possible to express through Internet like painting? Is the emotion created by the Internet or by the music whatever the media is? why some really old practices such as live concerts, recitals, theater or museums are still in practice? Why people still practice sports? Will Internet be capable of IMPROVISATION?

Some state that Internet is making obsolete the radio and TV, yes in a certain way, now Internet allows the convergence their use, but there are still some places where radio and television are luxury goods. Will Internet be able to be a cost-effective media in order not only to replace TV and radio in places like developing countries? Access of Technology and IT applications in Developing countries

Some traditional practices such as oral and written forms of communication will be inevitably used within the Internet platform, since they are the basic forms for human communication. Is it a loop or it is inevitable?? Just a new form of human communication will change this pattern: mental communication? Extensions to our physical path... but what about mental power?

Because of its democracy, Internet is filling our lives with information of every kind, including pure garbage. We are now more involved with it and therefore we will spend more time in front of a screen. Probably like the same effect the industrialization, it is giving people less time to be free, think and create. Society is following what the media is giving us in a certain way.

Technology is making the society change is a faster way, examples like Internet corroborates it, and Internet’s nature allows it to become a completely new channel that will change our communication patterns, giving us a broad range of facilities (or problems?) and making us more dependent and dominated by powerful intentional messages. Even though that future is highly likely to get in the next years, there will be always groups of balance that will pull against it, from artists communities to excluded people from developing countries.