Sites of the future: an esay walk

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A couple of Fashion



Camper [[3]]

The site of the future: an easy walk

I imagine the site of the future as an easy walk by a busy street. Future web sites will try to copy similar experiences that we have now in the physical sites. For instance, a museum web sites will try to imitate the same experience that people feel when walking by the museum, and commercial sites will try to copy the current experiences that we can have in a shop nowadays.

Future web sites will incorporate sensorial experiences to increase the user experiences, including music, colors, movement and signs. Moreover, the organization and the flow of information will be natural organized to improve the iteration machine-human. I expect in the future a lot of changes in the human-machine iteration. I expect to communicate with a web site not only with a keyboard or a mouse, but also with voice and fingers movement. I also foresee changes in the visualization of the web pages to all kind of devices such as TV, agendas, phones, etc. Moreover, the future site will be able to adapt to the user, in a similar way that the shopkeeper recognizes now and adapt his behaviors the consumer needs. In this way the sites will recognize our patterns and then personalize the information to simplify the iteration and increase the experience of users.

On the content level, I think the Internet is going to contact most of the information. Instead of copying all kind of data and programs in the local computer, the information is going to be distributed and we are only copy locally data or information that are going to use at that moment.