Shortage of land in korean penninsula - Group 1

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1. Description

At a glance, it is just a fact with little importance. However, in fact small land size of Korean peninsula can be considered as one of the strong driving forces of uncertainty in Korean peninsula. There are particularly some specific issues raised mainly by this; the actual land of Korean peninsula is not big but the issue is that available land has been actually diminishing. Its consequences include the excessive development of the National Capital region (Seoul and Kyungi-Do area), establishment of whole bunch of skyscrapers, irrational real estate speculation whereas it helps to build broadband network in most of the South Korean area, facilitating favorable environment for the development of IT industry.

2. Enablers

- seperation of south korea and north korea

- government’s inefficient real estate policy - increase of futile land area due to soil erosion or historically important spots. - large proportion of mountain area - existence of large size of military base.

3. Inhibitors

-mother nature

4. Paradigms

The situation of Korean peninsula having a relatively small size of land would not be changed unless there is an enormous earth-level configuration of the ground. Given this condition, there could be various attempts to utilize this limited area more effectively while Korean people constantly would not stop exploring or expanding to the other countries out of this small surrounding.

5. Experts


6. timing

1950~53 Korean war 1960~ongoing 5year national land planning

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