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On this page you will find many different examples of scenarios. The right place as well to leave the scenarios that you want others to kwow about.
Scenarios on the internet can be found and left at the Scenario Portal.

Student scenarios developed in MBA Classes:

RSM Full time MBA Class 2004

LIACS ICT in Business 2005

  1. Energy scenarios - Running out of energy and creating it?
  2. Pharmaceutical industry scenarios - A health check or a healthy cheque?
  3. Banking in future - Some ideas on why some may be laughing all the way to the bank...
  4. ICT outsourcing scenarios - Insourcing creativity or dependency?

Picking the lock on the future - This is legal.

Objects from the future - Have a look at what we found and make a contribution yourself. It's easier than you may think...

Dealing with uncertainty - You gotta love it!

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