Rosy views from far east

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China, Japan, Russia and other major Asian countries finally agreed on conflict about potential oil field and gas field in Sea of Japan and East China Sea. After the co-development of those new energy sources, China was able to secure energy much enough to support its growth for more than 10 years. Backed up the growth in China, world economy again started growing firmly. All telecommunication companies and electronic appliance companies keep investing 3G technology and mobility, which prevails among people in the world. Many governments accelerate shift to electronic governments. The trend facilitates shift to 3G technology and use of mobility as well. Finally, people started connecting with other people or data base using mobile tools everywhere and recognize importance of advanced voice recognition system. The profitable telecommunication companies and electronic appliance companies invested in the voice recognition system as well, and finally key board became no longer necessary. People became able to interact with servers with voice and do anything on internet with only their voice. That makes use of internet very easy and increases data on the internet exponentially. Now, people can not only obtain data but also virtual experience anywhere through internet supported by 3G technology, mobility and voice recognition system.