Real Net: 2015

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Holographic interaction

Real Net is the next step towards allowing people to experience and interact with real environments using all our human senses. Computer chips are extremely small and cheap and bio computer chip technology has made it possible to unite chip technology with our human bodies. The Internet is now connected to your skin, ears, eyes, and even directly to your brain. 3-D Holograms ease your thinking. So, you are able to communicate with everything and everybody directly through the Internet, extending your human senses with computer technology. Exclusively, there is even a possibility to integrate an artificial neural network into your brain, thereby extending your thinking and reasoning capacities. With the implementation of computing bio chips and enhanced technologies involving all of our senses, the Internet becomes the Wherever Door through which you can walk to wherever you want to go. It forms our new time machine, our new experience. For example, you might experience your graduation ceremony of RSM, seeing what is happening, feeling the cold humid air in Rotterdam, hearing the horns of the large boats, listening to conversations and the speech of the Dean, and enjoying the taste of Dutch coffee being served. You might experience all that, and more, while sitting at home in Japan.

Also economical Divide between the developing countries and advanced countries is diminishing. China is playing the dominant flute, while the US, Europe and Japan unite their forces. Real-commerce applications are being promoted as tools that enable companies in developing countries to reduce their costs dramatically, thereby easing their access to global markets. These mostly African companies become increasingly successful as entrepreneurial motivation and remotely well trained individuals challenge the developed world with their innovative products, services and business concepts. Real Net will help companies or governments in developing countries to obtaining better information on global markets, giving them direct and real access to new customers.

Real Net is a major but natural next step in the evolution of technology affecting critical aspect of society. Real Net helps you to go wherever you want to go and then reminds you that the real enemies are poverty, hatred, and the dehumanisation that exerts a demonic dominion over society. All this leads to building a consensus that can grow into the basis for a global civilisation. Locality is not an issue anymore in Real Net. It is therefore important to strengthen Real Net as a structure and system for the global civilisation.

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