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Population of the world is around 6.5 billion. Twenty percent of population in the world lives in mainland China. The Chinese government is trying to limit population growth very strongly.

According to estimates, the currently population of China is 1,338,612,968 (July 2009). It is growing at a rate of 0.665% per year (almost 10 million people), dispite of a net emigration of 0.39 migrants/1,000 population (or 552,000 people).[1]

Other reports indicate that the Chinese population grows by 10 million or 12-13 million every year; growth that exceeds the total population of many major countries such as Belgium or Greece. Furthermore, some Chinese provinces are even larger than major countries; for example, Sichuan province has a population of 107 million -- almost twice that of the United Kingdom![2]


  • Birth rate is double the death rate
    • 14 births/1,000 vs 7.06 deaths/1,000
  • High rural population
    • 57% of population is still rural


  • The gender-ratio imbalance
    • 113 boys versus 100 girls
  • Unemployment
    • 200 million surplus labor forces
  • Net emigration
    • 0.39 net emigrants/1,000 population
  • One-Child policy
  • Aging population
    • Over 100 million people are over 65


  • Fight for resources
  • Potential for drastic environmental problems
  • Large domestic market for consumption
  • Abundant human resources


1950 Population reaches 563 million
1960 Population reaches 650 million
1970 Population reaches 820 million
1980 Population reaches 985 million
1990 Population reaches 1,140 billion
1995 Population reaches 1,226.7 million
2009 Population reaches 1,338.6 million

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