My job is not the only thing in my life ANYMORE!!!!

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I know that this may not be the way of thinking of most MBA, but it got me thinking.


Many people are leaving the corporate world since they realize that money is most important things in life. Material possessions that come along with the high salaries and enormous stock options do not automatically lead to a sense of fulfillment. The long hours worked come at the expense of leisure time, family relationships and an individual’s health. This is based on an article by Jane Szita in the Holland Herald which states many executives are leaving the fast paced corporate world to pursue personal growth, which is termed “downshifters”.


-Companies allowing employees to take pay cut to work less hours

-Technology (remote log in)allow the employee to work from home

-Changing lifestyle to live off less money or moving to location that has lower cost of living


-Greed! This is a difficult transition since it requires foregoing many of the material pleasures that individual’s have become accustomed to (ex. Expensive vacations)

-Labeling in society which associates a person based on the size of their pay cheque


Old: Money is main source of happiness. The more you have of it, the better off you are.

New: Happiness comes from developing relationships with friends and family. Personal growth and a sense of accomplishment are more important then financial rewards. Money is needed to survive, but not as much as people think.


Judy Jones – Downshifting

Adeline Iziren – Work Life – Want a balanced life? Try downshifting


Number of European workers who have either decided to work less hours at same job or earn less at a more fulfilling job

2003 – 12 million

2007 – 16 million (estimated)