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Description: According to some sources, mobility is one of the important facotrs to focus on, especially when considering the future of the internet in a business context. But, what is the actual implication of this? Gartner Group is convinced that there is more to "successful mobility" than what is often focused on: The transmitting (speed and quality) of voice and data. The success will very much depend in on how users use and interact with devices, what and how information is processed. Mobility will be a technological factor that can have an impact of the future of the internet, but the question that remains is how to articulate the benefits of this mobility and from that also, how fast it will move.

[edit]Enablers: - With increasing technological speed on smaller devices and web availability, we can "carry" the internet whereever we are and meet the internet in locations we haven't discovered before. Size, speed, and demand seem to be the large enablers.



[edit]Experts: Sources for additional information about this driving force. (if you have found people, put the links to them)

[edit]Timing: Dates for key milestones in the development of the driving force. Year - Average cost, in South Africa, for a ISP connection in (R) 1993 - 80, 1994 - 80, 1995 - 80, 1996 - 80, 1997 - 80, 1998 - 80, 1999 - 88, 2000 - 89, 2001 - 90, 2002 - 94, 2003 - 100.

[edit]Web Resources: http://www.internet.org.za/costs.html

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