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Description: Low cost of internet connections. The relative low cost of internet connections has made it possible the worldwide diffusion of internet. The penetration rate is very high and it keeps growing.

[edit]Enablers: - technology developments: The technology developments made it cheaper the flow of information through iternet;

- Success of e-advertisements: Some of the services so far available on internet are free. Internet service providers, base most of their revenues on the advertisements which occur on internet.

- Success of e-marketing: See above

[edit]Inhibitors: - Increase of economics; - Increase of taxes;

[edit]Paradigms: Everything that exists, exists in space. All bodies are joined by space. For humans the internet offers a new space that can connect us like normal space connects all things. This is a new space in which we can live, socialize, do business, love, communicate, build communities towns and cities, learn, and even get married. But beyond all this lies a new potential, something unseen, unknown even to the most savvy internet users. Cyber space can be used as a powerful instrument for healing, for spiritual growth, for mental and emotional expansion. With the internet, when used properly, we can actually expand our awareness as it amplifies certain aspects of our consciousness.

From "Using the Internet as an Amplifier of Human Consciousness"

[edit]Experts: Sources for additional information about this driving force. (if you have found people, put the links to them)

[edit]Timing: Dates for key milestones in the development of the driving force. Year - Average cost, in South Africa, for a ISP connection in (R) 1993 - 80, 1994 - 80, 1995 - 80, 1996 - 80, 1997 - 80, 1998 - 80, 1999 - 88, 2000 - 89, 2001 - 90, 2002 - 94, 2003 - 100.

[edit]Web Resources: http://www.internet.org.za/costs.html

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