Increase in notion of pax-Americana - america's sole pre-eminence

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The basic idea of “Pax Americana” is to achieve world peace under America’s rule. To be more specific, “Pax Americana” would mean strategies America use to stay on the top. The idea is not much of a new one but with current administration of the U.S, the practice is strengthening and the U.S is forcing both Koreas to “open up” even further. Such practice already triggered numerous events: IMF crisis of 1997 was not directly caused by “Pax-Americana” but the U.S’s continuous demand to open economic market played great role as one of the factors. Also current anti-North Korea strategy of the U.S and possibility of a war is drawing negative global heat to Korean peninsula with Korean economy / stability at stake. The U.S is definitely a major factor to decide Korean peninsula’s fate thus it is a driving force to be reckoned with.


- Fall of The USSR (strengthened the U.S) - Korea’s strong ties with the U.S - Current reign of Bush administration and Neocons


- Current atmosphere of anti-America - China as a rival/threat - Possible fall of Neocons due to unsatisfying performance.


If the U.S is to keep the idea of “Pax-America,” several things could happen to both south and north Korea. To keep the U.S on the top the U.S must keep China out of their way and if the U.S could control north Korea which is very close to China, it would be possible to apply great amount of pressure to China. So the U.S’s position towards north Korea is very solid and the U.S-north Korea situation could go one much longer with drastic outcome at the end. With current given situation, the U.S’s idea of “Pax Americana” could only prove to disastrous for the Korean peninsula.


- 1993-4 Korea possible war crisis (AF)

- 2001 9.11 “911 crisis” - 2002 10 north Korea nuclear weapon issue emerges

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