Increase in availability of cheap broadband Internet in South Korea - Group 1

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South Korea is currently labeled as “internet proficient nation.” This is due to the fact that we have more percentage of broadband connection usage than any other country in the world. South Korea was able to create such infrastructure by going through massive national optical cable implementation plan initiated by the government. As a result, South Korea became one of the most advanced IT nations with distinguished industries such as online gaming, advanced communications, Ubiquitous technologies and so on. This is becoming a key to the nation’s bright economical future as we lack natural resources / labor force and other competencies other nations might have.


- Government’s policy to implement optical cable nation-wide - IT industry’s growth in importance Inhibitors - Without the government policy on the implementation it would never have happened - Increase of focus on other industries could have decreased the chance of it happening


Along side with few of other prosperous industries Korea posses, IT industry backed by Powerful broad band connection could rally take Korea’s industry to next level. But at the moment, not enough outcome is visible and if something dramatic does not happen, Nations like China would overtake south Korea’s position.


- Massive implantation of optical cable implementation in 2000 - 21 century IT industry boom

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