Increase in Global Dimming

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Global dimming is the trend in which the earth's surface keeps getting less exposure to solar light. Measurements of less light coming through our atmosphere have long been neglected by climatologists because it is hard to believe when you already know about Global Warming. The amounts of global dimming varies greatly between countries, in which the Soviet Union tops at 30%, Brittain had just 16% and the US suffered from 20% from 1950-1990. Globally there was a 1 to 2 percent sunlight drop per decade.


  • Air pollution: Particles reflecting light back into space
  • Air pollution (particles): Clouds get darker, bigger droplets can attach because of air polution/particles.


  • International treaties and agreements on reducing air polution: We have been seeing an actual decrease in air polution. Also some preliminary measurements have shown a decreasing global dimming effect in some countries.


  • Before: Global Warming is caused by an excess CO2 in the air. However, the amount of CO2 in the air should be responsible for a higher temperature increase than currently measured. Conclusion: Greenhouse effect is not so dependent on CO2 emission.
  • After: Global dimming decreases the average earth's temperature. This might explain why temperatures have not risen accordingly with CO2 levels. Conclusion: Greenhouse effect is in fact very dependent on CO2 emissions, but global dimming has been mitigating its effect.




Measurements from 1950s to 1990s. Industrialization was largely responsible. Further up to date data might follow.

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