Future of Russia in 2030

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The Flag of Russia Federation
Russia Map
Russia Georgia conflict

By asking questions about present day Russia and looking at trends, we aim to develop three plausible but unconventional scenarios about Russia's future in 2030.


Chih-Hou Chen
Andrei Grigorian
Mark Pospisilik
Elsa Sheng


  1. Economic Questions
  2. Political Questions
  3. Policy
  4. Technological Questions
  5. Foreign Investment Questions
  6. Racism in Russia
  7. Demographics
  8. Miscellaneous


Political Driving Forces

  1. Break down in Russo-Chinese relations
  2. Increasing instability in the Caucasus
  3. Improved the relation with the US
  4. Increase/Decrease of individual and democratic rights and freedoms
  5. Increase/Decrease in the rule of law

Societal Driving Forces

  1. Decline of the Russian population

Environmental Driving Forces

  1. Enforcement of Environmental policy in Russia

Economic Driving Forces

  1. Increasing value of Nature Resource (Oil, Natural Gas) in Russia
  2. The Rise of BRIC Economies
  3. Poor Business Climate
  4. The post-Kyoto Economy of Russia

Technological Driving Forces

  1. The Increasing Influence of the Internet
  2. Russia's Investment in Military Technology


System diagram2.jpg

Inference Matrix

Russia Scenario inference Matrix

Scenario trees

Scenario Tree for the Future of Russia


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  1. Black Gold's Curse:Crumbling Empire
  2. Putin: Return of the Czar
  3. Green Shoots



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