Future of China in 2030

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Group Members

The content of this page has been prepared between September and October 2009 by:
Guy Kedar
Gerrit Ledderhof
Chia-Wei Lee
Johanna Little
Geoff Spielman


Chinese Flag
Map of China

China is more than just the world's most populous country. It is a vast land with a rich history and strong cultural identity. China's strong economic growth in recent years has put it in a unique position on the world stage, and the future of China, while uncertain, will have major consequences not just for itself but for the rest of world. Although much has been said over the last few years about this region, there are still many interesting and important aspects uncovered and unexplored.

This page is devoted to exploring potential futures for China in 2030.


Scenario Stories

The following are the four scenario stories detailing different futures for China in 2030:

Environmental disaster
Birth of a superpower
Dissolving of an empire
A foray into democracy

Scenario Tree

Systems Diagram


Driving Forces

New Forces

The following forces were determined to be of interest based on our research:

Political Driving Forces

Environmental Driving Forces

Societal Driving Forces

Economic Driving Forces

Technological Driving Forces

Existing Forces

The following forces are already existing on the wiki and are explicitly related to China.

Political Driving Forces

Economic Driving Forces

Societal Driving Forces

Environmental Driving Forces

Research Questions

To begin our research, we generated a list of specific questions we were interested in answering on our quest to learn more about China. The questions were loosely grouped into four areas: government & politics, economics, society & culture, and environment. Follow the links to learn the answers.

Government and Politics


Society and Culture


The below links are the short answers for each question. For more information, please select the following link: Environmental Research Questions - China in 2030



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Can't get enough of China? Here is a list of interested things to read, watch, or see. Be careful, you might learn something.

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