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The MBA degree has witnessed an expolsive increase in the number of people now holding the degree. This has consequences for the individual holding the qualification in terms of future career development as well as consequences for society at large. The more educated the workforce, the higher the level of economic activity. Right? The driving force considered specifically focusses on the value of an MBA from the RSM.


  • Strenghth of the RSM brand and positive ranking will induce potential students to apply to the RSM programme
  • Weakness of the economy. There is a negative correlation between the economic cycle and the number of people studying at business school. The weaker the global economy, the more applications RSM will receive which means that it will have a larger pool of applications to select the best students. Obviously, the better the quality of students entering the programme, the better the ranking of RSM will become. To coin an over used MBA cliche: "Garbage in, Garbage Out".


  • The variety and quality of other MBA programmes offered by US and European business schools will have an inhibiting effect on the performance of the RSM ranking. The more competition there is in the post graduate educational market, the harder it will be for RSM to rise up in the rankings.
  • Negative Rankings. The recent poor performance of RSM in some of the more prestigious rankings (I do not count Intermedier as a prestigious ranking as it only selects Dutch schools for its population)undermines the quality of the MBA programme and sends a strong signal to potential MBA applicants.


  • (Old)- The value of an MBA to society is high. It is an elitist qualification which can enable the holder of the degree to fast-track his/her career. People will be encouraged to undertake the degree at any institution, including RSM.
  • (New) - The market for MBA's is becoming saturated. An MBA will mean nothing as a qualification. The only thing that will matter is the institution that awarded the degree. People will be more reluctant to undertake the degree. RSM is underperforming in the rankings so less people will come here.


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  • There is s need to keep a constant eye on the business school rankings in order to follow the performance of RSM

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