Decrease labor productivity in health care

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According to the CBP (Centraal Plan Bureau) in the Netherlands the labor productivity can be increased in several ways for example: efficient use of knowledge, less bureaucracy, better tuning between different forms of healthcare, better use of information technology. Still the growth of labour productivity in healthcare will stay behind especially where labour is physically intensive like in hospitals. According to the National Accounts the labour productivity decreased with 0.3% every year in the last 20 years

- Less hierarchy between staff, specialistic and nursing personnel
- (More) Platforms between different forms of healthcare
- More differentiation in jobs and functions with focus on decrease amount of general tasks and multitasking in specialistic functions
- Technological innovations and innovations in ICT can make health care more efficient, cheaper, more patient-friendly and better tailor-made:
o Innovation to decrease need of physical intensive labor enables different time spending in executing tasks
o Increase use of information technology in health care to enable less timespending in administrative tasks

- Lack of time, communication and financial resources
- Old methods to quantify labor productivity in any way methods that are not aligned with current demand of consumer and patient
- Numurus fixus at several schools of specialised health care education is not aligned with demand of required personnel
- Trend to extend education and specialise

Nowadays much more is required from personnel in health care specialist have to execute more time in administrative tasks and the demand of consumers and patients require different approaches like for example time spending in coaching etc.; there is shift from the function that was first more going into depth and now is much more broaden.
Due to the aging population in The Netherlands the demand for health care will increase This will require a more efficient and effective labor productivity.

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