Decrease in Confucian value in South Korea

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- Confucius value was the dominant value system in Chosun Dynasty, combines the social ethics of the classical Chinese philosophers Confucius and Mencius with Buddhis and Daoist metaphysics. This Confucius value decreased in Korea.

 2.Enablers:

- Movement Confucianism(Review the old and learn the new) - Movement Confucianism(Carry the knowledge gained into a new field) - Movement Confucianism(Take a leaf out of a wise man’s book)


- Korean had a mind Confucius value made divided Korea.


- In these days, Confucius value decreased in Korea. Any kinds of value have both merits and demerits. However, after a fall of Chosun Dynasty, Confucianism was not respected unconditionally. Those kinds of idea are not good to Korea. But, this Confucianism could give a good chance to be one Korea. Also, through this value, we could make a good relationship among north east Asia countries.

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 6.Timing:

- 1392~1910 Neo-confucianism is the dominant value system of the Chosun Dynasty

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