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Customer expectency patterns can rise or fall, the more it rises the more people want, the more it lowers the less people want. This stands to hold in every area and across millenia. Below are some Enablers/Inhibitors of customer expectency.

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  • Safety : The lower the safety and the higher "back-track" ability of the solutions the lower the customer expectency.
  • Spam / virus : The bigger the mingling of people with ICT solutions the bigger the chance that they'll be bothered by viruses or spam, this reduces the willingness of people and also their expectency as a whole.
  • Governement regulations / Belief : In some countries governements/belief holds back the development of some solutions or labels them as they were bad. This brings down the customer expectency in certain areas.




Has been going on for several millenia now. (Except for the virus/spam bit)

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