Creation of Korea-US tight relationship since Korean war

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- Korea and U.S. have a very tight relationship since Korean War. After Korean War, South Korea had a very tough time. At that time, U.S. helped South Korea to get out of difficult situation. Of course, South Korea helped U.S. for example Gulf War and Vietnam War.


- Still existence of tight relationship between Korean and U.S. - Still existence of strained relations between the two Koreas - Rising China


- Anti-Americanism - Hold a different view to the North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon - Be placed in a delicate position to the Japan and China - U.S.-China-Taiwan Military Relations


- After taking office as a Korea president, relationship between Korea and U.S. had some problems. President Roh policy is the spirit of independence. His words throw U.S. into confusion. Also, Korea made a good relationship between Korea and China. Those kinds of situation made loose relationship between Korea and U.S.


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- 1950~1953 The Korean War - 1960~1975 The Vietnam War - 1990 The Gulf War - 2003 The Iraq War

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