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"That's Nanite model 207591678209, but I like to call him Carlos" said Ravindra Patel to his wife. Ravi was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He specialised in applied nanite research. He was working on a new type of software-configurable nanites. The idea was that these nanites could do many different things, from making car engines, to repairing damaged arteries depending on what software was loaded.

Ravi also was in charge of teaching a lecture in electrical engineering. However, Ravi had never been to Massachusetts. He lived in a small town in Andhra Predesh province. MIT had recently closed its physical campus and gone entirely online, so this was no obstacle to his work.

Ravi grabbed his retina scanner and his WiMax-enabled laptop. Using these he logged into the MIT research lab webspace and downloaded a new version of nanite firmware which his grad students had written. After downloading it to Carlos, he noticed some interesting results. The nanite, which had just cleaned some spilled coffee off his table now was moving to sharpen his pencil. This was great.

Then Carlos exploded into fire.

Well, I guess that software was a bit buggy. That's what you get for trusting grad students.

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