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Past Assignments:

Understanding the quality of scenarios - Scenario Quality Ranking
Making Stories - Storytelling assignments

Future Assignments

Building Driving Forces - Driving Forces (1st DF due 25 Nov, 2nd DF due 2 Dec)

Van Gogh Museum - Prepare for the class by looking through The Van Gogh Museum's Official Site and The Van Gogh Gauguin Experience and contrast how the identity of the museum is shaped in the 2 sites. (1-2 A4s, hand them in on paper at the museum)
What kind of "sites" do you think will emerge in the future. Suggest a site or a process (if you do not think it will be a web site) that you think give us an idea of the internet in the future, and write a short paragraph why you think so. Post the site here Future Sites of the Internet (Van Gogh contrast due 26 Nov. / Sites due 2 December)

Critical Review of McLuhan - McLuhan critical review (due 2 Dec)

Scenario Snapshots - - Please prepare a short story (half a A4) that describes a possible future for the Internet in the next 10 years and bring it to class to present.
- Make a small systems diagram to support your story using the driving forces. Connect the driving forces to each other in a systems diagram that expains how your story emerges.
- On Thursday night we will converge the different scenarios into 3-4 stories. Two groups each will then work on these stories.
- Post you Internet in 2015 Scenario Snapshots

Final Assignment

Link to the Final Assignment - Final Assignment