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DE Hie hie, which leads to the next technical acceleration.  Something to give meaning to the idea of "place"  VR perhaps.
This at least is Jaron Lanier's approach. Jaron's page -> read it!

The internet has an abundant amount of information. This is a fact. But, is it replacing actual human experience. I was in Italy last week and I was searching the net for information. I read about the size of the Coliseum in Rome and the canals in Venice. I started to think how McLuhan’s Law of Media could be used to address the situation.

Enhance – the internet reduces the need to contact other about specific information about specific countries

Obsolescence – Travel agents will not be needed any more because customers can purchase cheap tickets online and they can find the necessary information

Reverse – I think that the internet provides too much information and details since it inoculates the experience itself. This may reduce the enjoyment of visiting the place since the websites had beautiful color pictures that provided al the details.