Virtual Dating

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It is the sunshine that wakes Bill up.

“What date is today?” Bill is wondering. Immediately some figures appear. “Woo, Jan 11th, 2015”.

So, you're from Rotterdam .....

Bill is smiling. Yes, he still remembers the bad dream he had exactly four years ago. The reason why he had this dream is that he was told by his lab chief that day that the VR one-to-one nuclear weapon was technically available. “Luckily it is only a dream and luckily I am not the president any more.”

“What should I do today?” Some sentences instantly appear. “Buy a butch of flowers for the CEO of SAP to celebrate the merger between Microsoft and SAP.” “OK, 800-flower, pls”

Thanks to the advancement of technology Bill does not need the VR glasses any more as it is integrated in his eyes already. “Tulip!” Bill loves tulips. And once he sees the tulip, the fragrance spreads immediately around the house. “Perfect!”

After he gets up the first thing he wants to do play VR X-BOX. Currently the hottest VR game is Virtual Romance. You can pick up a virtual lady and invite her for film, dinner and other things. For Bill it is the best game since he divorced 7 months ago. “So, Darling, what’s your name? Hetty? Woo, such a beautiful name? Where are you from? Rotterdam? Really? Darling, I just came to Rotterdam 3 days ago. The food there is bad. The weather there is disastrous. The only thing I admire is their business school.

What? Darling, you work in Rotterdam School of Management…?”

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