3. The health community system

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  • mind, body and soul
  • experience
  • gym, yoga exercise more, coach, facial, psychiatrist
  • day care and kindergartens
  • role of insurance
  • incentive to live your life “GOOD”
  • role pharmacy
  • biological food, healthy recepies
  • FCG suppliers
  • prevention
  • tailormade
  • health center
  • knowledge of food (yellow carrot of India)
  • public and private transport
  • allignment, better communication with centralized and consolidated specialists
  • accessibility
  • shops and branding (e.g. Nike, Healthy food, etc)
  • chip, with personal file


In the beginning of the 20th century people living in each others neighbourhood were most of the time closely related. And when people needed care there was always a family member or neighbour around. In those days the neighbourhood was a close community. In the beginning of the 21th century not even neighbours know each other anymore. People live their life very individualistic and communities are fragmented and more established by activities or events e.g. a gym, mall, etc. Still the need of care is increasing especially because people are getting older. Above that the multicultural differences can add to further fragmentation. Another problem is that more and more people old and young have to fight obesity and as a consequence also diabetic and high blood pressure . Preventive care is needed. A health community can supply several services that will answer the common needs of men and woman, young and old, with any kind of cultural background.

2010-2015 Especially after the recession consciousness of people is growing. People begin to think of their lives differently. Health, spirit and family have again more meaning. Consciousness especially of taking care of your mind, body and soul this leads to a higher priority regarding prevention.
Also the population of Amsterdam is getting older. Sons and daughters are mostly working. More and more sons and daughters do not have a family live or choose to stay single. As a consequence people are often living unhealthy, do not eat right, living under high pressures without the care of the social network. As a surogat for a family life these people build social lives and contacts through the internet . Government is lowering the finance budget of health care more and more due to the crisis, that still has an impact. Insurance is getting more and more vote and became too dominant in the health care. Several insurers are taken over by European and American giants and even Indian are entering our system. Support has to come from other "sponsors".

2010-2020 Technology and internet Technology is still developing and the use of technology is maturing. New technologies will continue to give all companies the chance to differentiate themselves by service.
Service is the key differentiator. More and more companies are implementing the, so called, "custom made, personolized" trend especially now the use of technology is maturing. Custom made is not only the trend that has impact on companies in general. Also the importance of branding is getting through all companies even those mainly subsidized or financed by the government. Health care is bug business. The focus is shifting beyond performance. Making profit is the goal.

The Health Community (HC), is there for you and supported by you. They will take care of the mind, body and soul of all her members in the following way: to prevent, to inform, to advise and to guide along in the process from birth till death.

Their businessmodel is as follows. Because of the crisis there are no real general hospitals anymore. The health community knows your profile (by birthchip) and knows what is good for your mind, body and soul.

If you are a member of Amsterdam you are a member of the HC. The HC provides all the tools and services to life your life at the utmost healthiest way. Every year a basic check up is done. If something is not going as planned (a lot is already forseen, adressed and prevented) the HC will take care of you and advise which process(es) are needed and have to take place and will make all the arrangements with the needed specialists.
The HC is still financed for a minor part by the government . Because the insurance companies are taken over by giant insurers, the citizens of Amsterdam searched together with there city council for alternative ways to cope and bond again as community. The city and the citizens of Amsterdam are financially and physically supporting the HC. If you are a citizen of Amsterdam you are a member and you need to pay to use the basic services. Other services and products are optional you can pay them yourself or via your insurance. In contrast to the early 20th all the HC basic services and products are caring the mind, body and soul to the citizens of Amsterdam. All members registered as citizen of Amsterdam become a member of the HC automatically. this also means that if a member can help another member he or she is called. Also in case an accident and a organ is needed for a transplant of a member. To stay a member people need to participate actively by following 90% (we are still from "I Amsterdam") the prevention programs developed especially for them. If not you have to leave the community.
HC is a center of health advisors(first line), doctors, specialists, gyms, beautyfarms, kindergartens,coaches, psychiatrists, dietists, dentists, bio-supermarkets, shops like Nike and the Bodyshop to provide goods and services to their members, the citizens of Amsterdam, to keep their and those of their fellow member's minds, bodies and souls in ultimate shape and the city save and profitable. A place were every company want his employees to live and work in.